Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The ill fated Crimson Fists

After leaving uni and re-entering the real world I found myself in a new town with no friends and plenty of spare time on my hands. Before long I'd decided to go along to the local games workshop and soon remembered how much I'd enjoyed the hobby a few years back. After buying the new codex space marines and remembering some old artwork I decided it was to be the Crimson Fists.

Image from Games Workshop
However after starting the army with the usual enthusiasm things began to slow down and the dreaded half painted syndrome began to kick in. As much as I loved the colour scheme I'd chosen a really long winded way to paint the blue and in a colour I had to mix from scratch. I could also never get the results I wanted for the crimson which lets face it is a vital part of this army's colour scheme. Below is the painted portion of the army in its entirety.

By the time the Pedro Kantor model was released I'd totally lost all momentum with these guys! Around this time a new series of books from The Black Library had begun. After reading several of the books and, upon encountering a certain Nathaniel Garro I felt a new army was in order... 

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