Friday, 27 April 2012

Death Guard Pre-Heresy Terminators

After completing the first tactical squad I didn't feel the army's pre heresy theme was showing very strongly so I couldn't wait to get started on a squad of terminators with their Roman style shoulder guards. I toyed about with trying to bend some pasticard without much success.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nathaniel Garro & Command Squad

...well, by Command Squad what I really mean is just the standard bearer and the apothecary. Seeing as the death guard are mostly white I thought I'd go with the total opposite for the apothecary. The head is just one of the Chaos Space marine heads but it seemed to suit the model quite well.

Death Guard Pre-Heresy Dreadnought

I was inspired to build this guy by the artwork on the cover of the pre heresy book Fulgrim. Its not even a close likeness but seeing as forgeworld didn't do their Contemptor pattern dreadnoughts at the time this was the best I had.

The Start of the Pre-Heresy Death Guard

My local GW was planning to run a 30K Campain and after reading Flight of the Eistenstein I knew it would have to be Death Guard. I didn't really set out with much of a plan, I just thought I have a go at the first squad and see where it went from there. I was a bit apprehensive about painting a whole army a colour which is supposed to be slightly off white so thought I'd just see how it goes.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The ill fated Crimson Fists

After leaving uni and re-entering the real world I found myself in a new town with no friends and plenty of spare time on my hands. Before long I'd decided to go along to the local games workshop and soon remembered how much I'd enjoyed the hobby a few years back. After buying the new codex space marines and remembering some old artwork I decided it was to be the Crimson Fists.

Image from Games Workshop

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back in the beginning

This whole thing started way back when I was in school. A friend of mine told all about this cool new thing he's just got into called Warhammer 40,000 and showed me a box of Plague Marines. I loved them! Straight away I knew this was something I'd get into and enjoy. That Christmas I was lucky enough to get a box of Plague Marines and also some Khorne Bezerkers as well as a starter paint set. Many Sunday afternoons later and I had finally finished my first squad.