Friday, 27 April 2012

Death Guard Pre-Heresy Terminators

After completing the first tactical squad I didn't feel the army's pre heresy theme was showing very strongly so I couldn't wait to get started on a squad of terminators with their Roman style shoulder guards. I toyed about with trying to bend some pasticard without much success.

Thankfully a friend stepped in with a load of spare Leman Russ demolisher cannon barrels (I think he'd been buying loads of Forgeworld turrets). After much sawing of plastic and glueing I finally finished enough for a squad. Then came cutting up all the little strips of plasticard for the leather straps which also took an age! I particularly like the sergeant for this squad and the way his face turned out.

This is as far as the army got unfortunately. I could sight all the usual excuses but i'm sure they've all been heard before. I found there were a few things which were bugging me about the army but it wasn't until after taking a break that I figured out what they were.