Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back in the beginning

This whole thing started way back when I was in school. A friend of mine told all about this cool new thing he's just got into called Warhammer 40,000 and showed me a box of Plague Marines. I loved them! Straight away I knew this was something I'd get into and enjoy. That Christmas I was lucky enough to get a box of Plague Marines and also some Khorne Bezerkers as well as a starter paint set. Many Sunday afternoons later and I had finally finished my first squad.

Ok, well they weren't quite my first squad. I finished the Khorne Bezerker squad first but i was far more proud of these which were completed soon after. With the help of my dad the bases were all done properly for these guys and I thought they looked ace! To this day this squad is still one of my favourites and this squad was to become the start of an obsession for all things Nurgle and Death Guard.

Soon loads of other Chaos stuff got painted but far more got half painted. A few years later I eventually finished  this squad of Nurgle themed terminators. As you can see the painting isn't too bad but the bases suffered without my dad's input and they don't look anywhere near as nice because of it!

It was about this time I also discovered mountain biking and girls and so the models got put on the back burner. On the occasion rainy day the miniatures and the paint would be pulled out but nothing really came from it and as I went off to university it seemed my once beloved Warhammer models were destined to stay half finished...

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