Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Heresy Era Terminators Revamped

I finally got round to  re-basing and updating these guys. The re-basing went quite quickly but the addition of the decals was definitely the time consuming bit. Looking much nicer now though I think!

Not much else to say really other than Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, 13 January 2014

2014: A new year, same old promises!

Its been far too long since I posted anything on here. Its not like I've not been doing any painting though, its just that its all been Flames of War stuff which can be seen here.

However I don't want to neglect this blog entirely so my first job will be a bit of house keeping. I intend 2014 to be a year of consolidation and de-cluttering and to help me keep track of my progress I've decided to add a specific page on the blog summarising what's been achieved. I'm also going to re-organise the gallery page somehow but I'm not quite sure how it will look yet.

So to get things started here are some picture of an Ultramarines Commander I've had sat around half painted for ages and is now finally finshed. Lets hope the rest of 2014 carries on as well as it started!