Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Death Guard Colour Scheme

So after finishing my second tactical squad and noticing just how different they are to my first squad I though it was about time I tried to formalise my colour scheme a bit more. Hopefully now that I've found a scheme I like I can then stick to it better and make sure all the units in my army belong to the same force.

Friday, 26 October 2012

2nd Tactical Squad Finially Finished

So here's a quick shot of the second tactical squad which I've finally managed to finish. Unfortunately things have been so busy with work that they've actually been finished for a week or so but I hadn't had the chance to even get a photo of them. Hopefully soon I'll get chance to put some better shots up here. As you can see they're a bit different to my older ones so I'll need to go back to the original tactical squad and see what I can do to make the whole force look more cohesive. I'm much happier with this 2nd squad, it's much closer to how I imagine they should look in battle with the additional weathering, rather than the showroom pristine look I used to paint!

until next time (which I hope won't be too long!),
thanks for reading!