Monday, 28 January 2013

Flames of War Demo Game

A few weeks back I got an all too rare chance to catch up with me friend Ben over at BreakthroughAssault and managed to play a quick demo game of Flames of War. I have to say I had a blast and really enjoyed the opportunity to throw some dice! I did win but it was more about playing a game and hanging out with a good friend. I'm also sure Ben went easy on me and wasn't really trying!

Anyway here are a few action shots from the game.

My Infantry heading for the cover of the village, shortly before being pinned for the rest of the game.

After a narrow miss from the bazooka team, the Cromwells and Challenger open up with their MG's

Ben's M4 Shermans emerge from behind to woods and fire at close range!

Thanks for reading



  1. Glad you enjoyed the game! Have you had anymore ideas on that Open Fire box set you saw?

  2. What can I say. I really want to get it but I'm trying to be good and force myself to have a clear out of miniatures I'm never going to paint first!

  3. Well if you sell your Crimson Fists you have got yourself some space for a new box! LOL but I know what you mean I'm trying my hardest to be good to! Believe it or not!