Thursday, 15 November 2012

DIY Cataphractii Terminators

After seeing the Forgeworld Cataphractii Terminators it inspired me to do some work on my second squad of terminators which have been a long running WIP in between many other  projects. I still like the way the first squad of Terminators but when I was making them I didn't think ahead to what would happen if I made a second squad.
Consequently when I did start a second squad I had no way of being able to make the shoulder guards the same as I'd  originally made them by cutting up lots of plastic Leman Russ Demolisher cannon barrels. The barrels themselves had been blagged from a friend who had bought lots of FW turrets so had them left over.

Above is a picture of the progression as the design evolved. The model in the middle what how this squad was going to look but over time I grew less happy with the fact they really wouldn't match my original squad. Then Forgeworld released their version and it gave me the inspiration to get it sorted. The model on the right still uses the same parts as middle one, but the dreadnought greaves used have been cut down with strips of plasticard added. 

Now I'm really happy with the result, the only problem is how long its going to take me to actually make enough for a full squad. At least I can rest assured that I'll be able to make more in future!

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  1. Nice - I really dig the new shoulder pads, they look great!