Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Second Death Guard Tactical Squad - Test Model

 I managed to find some time at the weekend and got this test model done. After doing the shoulder pads I couldn't wait to get some paint on it and find out how the moldings really looked. I decided to include a Plague Marine and also an older Pre-Heresy Death Guard model in the photo's to give some comparison and see if I had pulled off the look I was after. All in all I think it went pretty well so here's a bit of an explanation...

 I decided to simplify things for myself and go with a white undercoat this time instead of work up slowly from black. I had it in my head before that I wanted the Death Guard main armour to be slightly off white. When I look back now you really can't tell, so this time i just thought sod it and went with white. Then I hit my first problem!

As it turns out using Badab Black to shade white armour really doesn't look that good. I was finding it impossible to get any depth to the recesses. Que another great post on From The Warp where Ron runs into this exact same issue when painting a White Scar Space Marine. So after picking up some Soft Body Black wash I found it really did work exactly as i wanted it to. After that it was all quite simple, I thought I'd try a darker green this time for the trims and I have to say I much prefer it. The shoulder pad turned out pretty well too although my skull painting needs a bit of work. I was never that great at them but I'm definitely out of practice at the moment. I was about to start weathering the model when I made the last minute decision to go with a red gun. Not a bright red but a fairly deep red which was blood red darkened with scorched brown. I really like it now its done and I think it just sets off the model with the third contrasting colour which my Death Guard were lacking before.

I also pick up some of Forge Worlds weathering powders to give them a try and I have to admit it took a little while to get the hang of. Once I'd modified an old bush to have much shorter bristles a had much more success. I'm really happy with how this model turned out and its much closer to the look I want for my Pre Heresy army. As always though any thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Now to get the rest of the squad done!

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